NEWS RELEASE BASKETBALL was established in Los Angeles, CA in 1972 by a group of young men who had a desire to share the gospel of Jesus Christ to the people of Europe. They saw a spiritual void and wanted people to respond to that need by sharing the message of Jesus through the avenue of basketball. They desired to show that Christianity is more than just a doctrine or a set of beliefs, but that it is a relationship that changes lives.

NEWS RELEASE BASKETBALL is a progressive ministry that continually desires to seek and discern God's will for us as his servants. We will continue to serve by providing the competition, clinics, and Gospel message to anyone who has an ear to hear. In addition, NRB will continue to select players who have demonstrated leadership, quality characteristics, integrity, and above all, a love for Jesus Christ.

OUR MISSION: to present the good news of JESUS CHRIST and develop disciples of our Lord by building Christ-centered relationships using the sport of basketball.


IN CHRIST: Christ's ministry was centered on relationships - it is our goal to do the same in a fun and exciting way. We return to play in each city year after year in hopes of strengthening the bonds of friendship that have formed over a long period of time between News Release Basketball and the clubs, hosts, and people that we meet.

THROUGH HOOPS: Our men’s and women’s teams have successfully competed with club and national teams from Germany, France, Belgium, Holland, Italy, Yugoslavia, Russia, Switzerland, England, Ireland, Hungary, Bulgaria, Poland, and other European countries.  

We also try to place Christian athletes (after college) on teams overseas, to provide an opportunity to continue their playing career, and to provide a year round contact for the European community.

TO THE WORLD: we desire to share how CHRIST has changed our lives with the whole WORLD. 

One of our first teams in the 1970s

One of our first teams in the 1970s

Teaching a camp in Wolmerstedt, Germany.

Teaching a camp in Wolmerstedt, Germany.

One of the guys sharing his testimony during halftime

One of the guys sharing his testimony during halftime


  • we are all about WORSHIP.


  • we are all about SERVING

  • we are about FUN, exhibiting the joy of the life GOD has given us.

  • we are all about QUALITY.